Cotton Bowl Game Betting Trends

Cotton Bowl game betting trends usually involve looking at the conferences, the coaches and the underdogs.

Cotton Bowl game and college football betting at SBG Global is always exciting but it is more exciting when you win money.  Let’s look at some trends that may help you as you consider Cotton Bowl lines.

Cotton Bowl game betting should involve looking at specific game trends.  You might want to start your Cotton Bowl game betting by betting on a good coach. Some coaches seem to do well in bowl games almost every year, while others do not.  You might want to look at Cotton Bowl lines and automatically go against the Big 12 team.  The Big 12 has not done well over the years in bowl games and that includes the Cotton Bowl.

You might want to seriously consider looking at the team with the dominant defense in the game. Great defensive clubs are strong plays in bowl games every single season. A great defense comes up with turnovers and is tough to score against.  That is the team you want to be on in Cotton Bowl game betting.  You also want to remember that history has show the Cotton Bowl to be a low scoring game.  That means you should consider betting the Under as you look at Cotton Bowl lines.

Another thing to look for in Cotton Bowl betting is the team that is motivated.  Teams looking for respect are always great bets in the bowl games. Since the Cotton Bowl is on New Year’s Day there will already have been numerous bowl games played and certain trends will develop.  Some conferences will struggle throughout the bowl season and you can continue to go against those conferences in Cotton Bowl game betting.

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