College Football Betting When to Place Your Wager

College football betting fans generally examine the NCAA football betting board as soon as it is released, but then wait to place their wagers until game day.

This college football betting procedure makes little sense because the NCAA football betting lines change throughout the week and one naturally wants to wager when a college football betting line presents the greatest value. Therefore, college football betting enthusiasts should monitor the NCAA football betting board throughout the week and place their wagers when the lines look best, even if doing so necessitates placing different wagers on different days.

College football betting action is placed primarily on Saturday morning before the games begin. In fact, many college football betting fans place their wagers in the final 15 minutes before an NCAA football betting contest kicks off. Unfortunately, by waiting until right before kickoff one must simply wager on the college football betting lines as they are. College football betting spreads sometimes change by several points between the time when they are released and the time when the game begins. However, on game day there will be only minimal changes in the college football betting line, and in the last 30 minutes before kickoff the changes will be even smaller. Consequently, NCAA football betting fans who wait until Saturday to place their wagers sometimes end up wagering on college football betting lines that offered far more value earlier in the week.

In order to avoid this college football betting error, one simply needs to be willing to wager early in the week several days before the games actually take place. Many college football betting fans avoid wagering early in the week because they fear the lines will improve. However, by monitoring any very early changes in the college football betting lines one can sometimes anticipate future changes in the lines. Therefore, one can wait to place a wager if it appears as though the spread will eventually shift to a more favorable number. Also, there is no more reason to think a college football betting line will improve than it will do the exact opposite and move to a worse number. In fact, some of the absolute best college football betting value is offered on the initial college football betting board that is released, meaning anyone who waits until later in the week will miss out. Consequently, college football betting enthusiasts should have enough confidence in their handicapping to recognize value when they see it and place their wager without worrying about what the line will look like on game day.

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