College Football Betting with Teasers

College football betting can involve a range of different wager types, and teasers are one type of wager offering especially exciting NCAA football betting excitement.

When you engage in college football betting with teasers you will want to use many of the same strategies you use when gambling with teasers on other sports or leagues. However, using teasers for college football betting creates some unique opportunities where especially good value can be enjoyed.

College football betting fans who wager with teasers have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of different teasers. For instance, one can select different numbers of points that can be added to the NCAA football betting odds. Also, one can choose college football betting with Vegas teasers in which six points are received for each NCAA football betting spread, but the gambler is able to choose how many plays will be included in the teaser. College football betting veterans know that no single teaser is categorically better than another; rather, different teasers are useful for NCAA football betting in different situations. For instance, it is useful to cross certain point thresholds, such as three and seven, when college football betting with teasers, because so many games are decided by three or seven points. Therefore, if you like a team that is a 1½ point underdog then it will be best to utilize a six point teaser that would change the college football betting line to +7½. With the new college football betting spread the team could lose by a full touchdown while still covering the spread. When you wager with Vegas teasers you simply must decide how many plays provide you with good enough value for you to include them in the teaser. Naturally, the more plays you include the more risk you incur, but also the more your potential winnings will be.

In college football betting one encounters some unique situations that NFL bettors do not usually face. Sometimes, these situations can provide excellent opportunities for college football betting with teasers. For instance, huge blowouts are common in college football even though they are far less common in the NFL. When a college football betting line is very large then it is almost guaranteed that the favored team will win and the only question that remains is how much the team will win by. In these college football betting matchups, it is often useful to wager with a teaser that either reduces the spread to a more manageable number or renders the spread so large that it makes sense to include the underdog in your teaser. However, college football betting with teasers on games that look to be very low-scoring can also be useful. In a low-scoring college football betting matchup each point becomes even more significant, so using a teaser to alter the college football betting spread can often provide an especially large advantage.

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