College Football Betting: Impacts the Ranking System

College football betting differs from NFL football betting in a variety of ways, not the least of which is that NCAA teams achieve bowl status based on their poll rankings while NFL teams earn playoff berths based on an objective mathematical system.

Because college teams are constantly fighting for higher rankings, simply winning an NCAA football betting match up sometimes is not enough. Unlike in the NFL, NCAA teams have an incentive to completely blowout their opponents in every college football betting contest.

College football betting fans know that huge blowouts are very common throughout the season. There is a huge disparity in the quality of teams listed on the college football betting board any given week and each weekend there are several NCAA football betting matchups in which one team is significantly better than the other. In the NFL most teams follow an unspoken rule not to run up the score on outmatched opponents once the game has been clearly decided. Consequently, one will only see a team win by more than 35 points in a small number of games each season. In college football betting, on the other hand, teams love to run up the score because it helps convince those individuals who create the rankings that certain teams are highly talented. There is little question that winning a game 65-7 is much more noteworthy than winning a game 21-7, even though both victories are lopsided.

This reality of NCAA football has direct implications for college football betting. Even if the NCAA football betting spread is very large, college football betting analysts do not have to worry as much about a team letting up at the end of the game. In other words, even if the college football betting spread is -30, NCAA football betting fans can remain confident that even if a team that is winning by 30 points it will continue playing pressure defense and aiming to score points quickly on offense. In contrast, NFL bettors know that a 30 point spread is unheard of in the NFL and teams winning by 30 points generally ease up considerably toward the end of the game. This feature of NCAA football also impacts college football betting on totals. Sometimes college football betting totals are very large, as college offenses have a reputation for putting huge numbers on the board. Nevertheless, college football betting fans should not necessarily shy away from such large college football betting totals because teams will so frequently run up the score in order to impress observers and improve their rankings in the polls.

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