College Football Betting: Don’t Underestimate the Impact of One Player

College football betting analysts often rightly encourage handicappers to analyze teams by looking beyond the star players and paying attention to linemen and other players who typically receive little credit but frequently play very important roles.

Nevertheless, college football betting enthusiasts should also recognize that individual players can have much more significant impacts on the college football betting season than the NFL season, in which each team is too talented to let a single player completely dominate.

College football betting fans must familiarize themselves with a huge number of schools while always remaining up-to-date on different players that are entering or leaving the league. Predictably, many college football betting fans do not remain fully knowledgeable about most players on most teams. Rather, many handicappers are most familiar with only a small group of superstar players. However, the most serious college football betting analysts criticize such handicapping by claiming that one must be familiar with a whole team in order to handicap the team successfully. Such analysts can easily support their stance, as any given NCAA football betting matchup is guaranteed to be influenced by a large number of players, several of whom you may have never heard of. Also, it is often the unheralded players, such as offensive linemen, that allow the superstar players in positions like running back and quarterback to create their big plays.

Nevertheless, in college football betting single players can simply take over NCAA football betting matchups in a way that is very uncommon in the NFL. One only needs to think back to the performances of college stars like Reggie Bush, Vince Young, and Darren McFadden to realize how single players could dominate games and exert massive impacts on the college football betting lines. It is true that these players benefited from strong teammates, but NCAA football betting veterans know that it was these stars’ individual abilities that allowed them to be so successful. In the NCAA there are so many teams that most schools have several roster weaknesses that the most elite players can exploit in college football betting matchups. In the NFL, on the other hand, defenses are much more capable of dealing with elite stars, so even though players do occasionally dominate individual games, it is much more difficult to dominate games throughout an entire season. Therefore, when you are evaluating the college football betting spreads you should not underestimate the ability of individual players to put their teams on their backs and carry them throughout the college football betting season.

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