College Football Odds – Should You Bet the Big Favorites in Week 1?

The Week 1 college football odds at the SBG Sportsbook have a lot of big favorites on the board. What should you do with games where you are laying three touchdowns or more?

Should you take the favorite, the underdog, or should you just avoid the game in college football betting lines?

College football odds for Week 1 begin on Thursday, September 2nd and yes, there are some big favorites right off the bat.  There are two games where teams are laying about three TDs.

Ohio State is laying 28.5 to Marshall while USC is laying almost three touchdowns at Hawaii.  The Buckeyes are loaded so you either take Ohio State or don’t bet the game.  Flip a coin with USC and Hawaii and hope.

Saturday’s big boys:  There are 12 teams laying three touchdowns or more on Saturday.  They are not all going to cover so we need to pick and choose our spots.  Michigan State is laying three TDs at home vs. Western Michigan.  This might be a game for the underdog as Western Michigan can usually score.

Florida is laying 35 points to Miami of Ohio and you either lay the wood or don’t bet the game. Mississippi State is laying three TDs to Memphis.  Mississippi State shouldn’t be laying three TDs to anyone. Texas is laying 29 points to Rice on the road.

The Longhorns are going to win by laying more than four TDs on the road is tough.  Oregon is laying 34 points to New Mexico.  Oregon should roll but they have to win by more than five TDs to cover.

Alabama and Oklahoma:  The top ranked team in the country, the Alabama Crimson Tide is laying 39 points to San Jose State.  The Tide is going to win but that is a ton of points. Either lay the points on the college football betting lines and hope for a shutout or don’t bet.

Oklahoma is laying 31.5 points at home to Utah State and that is a similar game. Wisconsin is laying 20.5 to UNLV and that is close enough to three TDs.  It is a road game though and although the Badgers should win it is tough to cover on the road.

Added games:  Georgia is laying 28 points to UL Lafayette, Nebraska is a 35.5 point favorite vs. Western Kentucky, Clemson is -23 vs. North Texas and Auburn is laying 30.5 points to Arkansas State.  With added games you normally either lay the points or don’t bet as you really don’t want to take inferior teams on the road.

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