College Football Betting on Teasers Strategy

When you place a bet in college football betting teasers, you can choose anywhere from 2 to 12 teams on your college football betting teaser and the payoffs increase for each additional team you add.

For example, let’s take a five team teaser where you have Michigan -21, Florida -14, Nebraska -7, Texas -21 and Hawaii -3.  In a 7 point -college football betting- four team teaser you would now.

You now have a much better number with Michigan, only have to win the Florida game by two TD’s, the Nebraska game you just need to win outright Texas by two td’s and you get points with Hawaii.  That is the good news for the college football betting teaser. The bad news is that the payoffs are not what they are on an NCAA football betting parlay.  A five team parlay would pay approximately 20-1 but the four team teaser would pay 5-1 or less.  It is also still difficult to hit a five team teaser on this college football betting season.

What strategy can we use to make our teasers in college football betting more profitable? One thing we can do is look for games that we would be willing to bet on their own.  That means we look for games we want to place money on without teasing them.  If you like a game already in the college football betting season then getting points is just a bonus.

Another thing we can do to increase our college football betting wins on a teaser is look for pointspreads that matter.  You want games where there are 7 point favorites you can tease down to a pick, games around a field goal where you can now get plus points, or games that are around a pick where you now get a TD or more.

Some people will look at college football betting teasers and concentrate on low pointspreads or on rivalry games.  You must remember when betting a teaser that if the game falls near the pointspread you are going to win.  Look for games you expect to be close and put them on your teaser.  Those are great games for NCAA football teasers.

College football betting teasers are definitely fun and exciting and they can be profitable if you keep a few of these points in mind.

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