College Football Odds – Big East Announces Champs Sports Bowl Deal

College football odds will be interesting to follow once the bowl season begins.

College football betting line facts indicate that there will be a change in one of the bowl games next season as the Big East has announced a four-year agreement that moves the conference into the Champs Sports Bowl.  Previously, the Big East’s number two team had gone to the Gator or Sun Bowl as college football betting line information indicated, but that ends after this sports betting season.

College football odds tell us that the Champs Sports Bowl will have the option of picking Notre Dame once in the next four years instead of the Big East runner-up so it is not always a given that the Big East will have a team in the game.  Notre Dame must be at least 7-5 and within two wins of the Big East’s second team for that to happen as online sports betting info indicates.

The new agreement looks to be a good one for both Notre Dame and the Big East conference in college football odds.  Steve Hogan is the chief executive of Florida Citrus Sports who runs the Champs Sports Bowl. He has said that getting Notre Dame involved made the deal a good one. "You could fairly say that a Big East deal would have been done if Notre Dame wasn’t part of the package, but the fact that they are makes it that much more attractive," he said

College football odds tell us that the Big East champion goes to a BCS Bowl. The runner-up this college football betting line season will head to the Gator Bowl. College football odds information tells us that the Big East also has agreements with the Meineke Bowl, International Bowl, Bowl and St. Petersburg Bowl.

College football odds show that next year the Champs Sports Bowl will be played on either December 27th, 28th or 29th and the two teams will get about $2.5 million each. The Big East could end up playing the ACC in this college football odds matchup. "We remain in discussions on that side of the ball, along with several other conferences," he said. "I’m hopeful that we can close out that side of our game in the next week to 10 days." Hogan said.  The Champs Sports Bowl should be a good one with a competitive college football betting line.

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