College Football Bowl Betting Lines Tip at SBG Global

College football bowl betting lines at SBG Global will give you great chances to win money during the college football bowl season.

From the Rose Bowl to the Orange Bowl, college football betting lines at SBG give you excellent betting choices.  Let’s take a look at one tip that could help you win more money this bowl season.

College football bowl betting lines at SBG are going to be full of high priced favorites.  Those are usually not good bets.  One specific trend to look at as you examine the college football bowl betting lines is teams coming off two straight losses heading into their bowl game as a favorite.  Those teams usually don’t do very well in a college football bowl game?

This does not happen a great deal but it happens more in today’s college football because it doesn’t take much of a record to make a bowl game anymore. Teams that finished the year poorly are still going to be favored on the college football bowl betting lines on occasion.  In those situations the favorite only covers about a fourth of the time.  Remember that recent play is important as you look at college football bowl betting lines. Teams playing poorly coming into the bowl game usually continue that poor play and teams that come into a college football bowl game playing well usually continue to play well.

This trend is something to consider as you look at the bowl betting lines at SBG Global. Look for an underdog playing well against a team playing poorly.  That situation will arise in bowl games because it seems every year a new bowl game is added.

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