College Football Betting Fear Factor at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

One of the ways a college football betting gambler will be knocked for a loop in NCAA football wagering is a bad beat he knew was in the bag as a win.

College football betting has many different fear factors. You should really never underestimate the negative power of the fear factor in NCAA football wagering and how it affects the minds of otherwise knowledgeable and intelligent gamblers. College football betting fear comes in many forms and from many sources. Ultimately, fear is manifested by failure, often repeated, and continues to grow in direct proportion to the shortening of the gambling bankroll. The two are interrelated. And with that, gamblers begin to lose their minds.

You have surely heard the phrase “punch drunk” in relation to the boxing world, as it describes a boxer that has taken one too many shots to the head and is mentally groggy. The same principle applies to gamblers in a slump in college football betting. They become “punch drunk.”

For many gamblers, this is the equivalent to being robbed at gunpoint. And many of these gamblers never recover in college football betting. They degenerate into betting scared, with hesitation, and paranoia as they fear getting “screwed” or “cheated” again and, amazingly enough, this negative attitude manifests itself and becomes an energy all its own and helps to perpetuate slumps that drain bankrolls down to nothing in college football betting.

Gamblers also bet scared with short bankrolls. That does not necessarily mean that they bet with timidity, just that they bet scared in college football betting. In fact, many gamblers will get overly aggressive and try and “bail out” with wild bets or large parlays, which only hasten the depletion of their college football betting bankrolls and destruction.

How does one overcome fear in NCAA football wagering? It’s actually very simple; they always maintain realistic expectations and attitudes and do not get carried away with the emotions of NCAA football wagering. To succeed at college football betting you must understand that you will suffer bad beats and bad luck and bad slumps from time to time. That’s simply part of the game in college football betting. The key, however, is how a gambler handles adversity in college football betting.

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