College Football Betting – Wake Forrest vs. Navy at Eagle Bank Bowl

College football betting fans are gearing up for the deluge of college football odds match ups in the bowls to come.

One commonly overlooked college football betting bowl game is the Eagle Bank Bowl game. While some fans might not be all that familiar with the EagleBank Bowl betting, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great college football odds opportunity.

College football betting fans this year will see the EagleBank Bowl odds put the Navy against Wake Forest. While neither team will be confused with a college football betting title contender anytime soon, they are both talented teams that have been hot and cold. Navy has come on strong at the end of the year and has one of the most aggressive running attacks in college football betting. That being said, the weakness of their overall schedule makes it difficult to know just how effective its ground attack really is.

On these same grounds, Wake Forest, has survived a very grueling ACC college football betting schedule and gets it done on both sides of the ball. Wake has to get the nod in this one considering that it has a huge advantage in the defensives department and if it can stop Navy’s one dimensional attack, there’s nothing left in the bag for the Middies.

The Midshipmen have gone 8 and 4 in their last 12 games losing mostly to big name teams like Notre Dame, Duke, and Ball State. The Demon Deacons aren’t far behind, with a 7-5 record during the season, including one loss to the Midshipmen back in September.

What happens more times than not in college football betting is that the premier college football odds battles in the big bowl games like the Rose Bowl or the BCS Championship game are often overwhelmed by ignorant bets. That is to say the majority of the people participating in the college football betting are not fans that are well informed as to the college football odds, but rather people engaged in the college football betting based simply on loyalty or notoriety.

The beauty of the lesser known college football betting bowls like the Eagle Bank Bowl odds match up is that they tend to fly under radar. That means that the Eagle Bank Bowl betting lines are never flattened with a heap of uninformed money from college football betting fans simply betting on their favorite team or the big names. And that in turn means that the college football odds on this game remain relatively pure and provide a great college football betting opportunity for all.

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