College Football Betting Underdogs

Look at games where the college football betting pointspread is small and where the NCAA football wagering underdog has a case of being the better team.

College football betting gamblers often ignore taking the points to their own peril. It is not always easy to take the dog in college football betting but it is often very profitable. Let’s look at NCAA football wagering underdogs. College football betting underdogs are not always attractive bets but if you want to win money you need to learn how to take them. It is human nature to want to take the better team.

Most people gravitate to the home chalk, particularly if they are a power team in college football betting. The first thing the college football betting gambler has to do is look at whether or not the underdog is worth taking. The college football betting gambler should understand that favorites are almost always overpriced. That doesn’t mean they can’t win, it just means you are paying a premium price to take them.

If you are looking at taking the points, and you should be looking to do so, there are some questions that will be helpful in NCAA football wagering. Is home field advantage a big factor in the game? Does the dog traditionally keep the game close? Is the favorite known for choking away leads? Did the dog come off a bad game last week? These are all factors that the college football betting gambler can look at. This will happen at times during the college football season. You will find games where the road team is a dog simply for the fact that they are on the road. They may actually be the better team.

Another factor to consider for the gambler is whether or not the coaching edge is with the road team. It is always nice to have the superior coach getting points. Those are great situations to have. You can look at the starting quarterback for each team in the same way. Anytime you are getting points with the better quarterback you definitely have a chance to cover the spread or to win the game outright in college football betting.

As a college football betting gambler you really need to consider taking the points. It is not always easy to do, but taking the underdog is always worth considering in college football betting. As you look at your NCAA football wagering this season, begin by looking at reasons to take the underdog.

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