College Football Betting Touts

Good handicappers have knowledge of college football betting and giving reasons for a selection helps you feel better as you bet on college football.

College football betting touts or services as they are sometimes called will pick games for you. The catch is that these touts in college football betting charge a price for their services. Are touts worth anything and can they be helpful to you as you bet on college football? College football betting services and touts are a dime a dozen. They are everyone on the Internet. Most of them are not worthy anything but if you are trying to find a good one, the first thing to look at is past performance. You want to find a handicapper that has a solid winning record in college football betting.

You want someone that hits between 55 and 60 percent. Why not 70 percent or higher you wonder? The answer is because it is extremely unlikely anyone can provide that type of percentage in college football betting. You might see higher percentages in sports like baseball or hockey since those two sports involve a money line, but in football or basketball you are laying points and winning a high percentage of the time is unlikely. You want to look for a handicapper that has a proven track record of success, but one that is also real as you bet on college football. Those extreme percentages that you see advertised are often misleading so try and avoid the services or handicappers that use a lot of hype and claim unreal percentages in college football betting.

Another thing to look for when choosing a college football betting handicapper is the person’s knowledge of their sport. Some handicappers are good enough that they don’t need to give facts or reasons for their plays or they have been around long enough that you know they are good, but it never hurts to have facts to support a play as you bet on college football.

Something else to look for when choosing a college football betting handicapper is how long they have been in business. How long has the handicapper you are looking at been giving out selections? If he has been around 10 years or more with a proven winning record, then you have probably found someone that is good in college football betting. It doesn’t mean they will always win though. Nobody does in college football betting.

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