College Football Betting Sides & Totals

College football betting is the most popular on sides and totals.

Generally there are around fifty games in college football which means you have 100 side options and 100 total options when you make a college football bet. Let’s look at sides and totals in college football.

College football betting definitely gives you more choices than NFL betting. If you limit yourself to the NFL you have between 14-16 games each week on the schedule. In college football betting you will have far more choices and that gives you more chances to win money.

Sometimes in college football betting, gamblers will limit themselves when they make a college football bet because they only focus on the power or name brand teams. In college football betting this would be Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Florida, Texas, etc. When you concentrate just on a limited amount of teams, especially the popular ones, you are not only limiting your potential at finding value in college football betting but also often getting poor value as those teams are popular with the public.

The ultimate combination that you are looking for is the highest amount of games to choose from with the lowest amount of games played in college football betting. What you want when you get involved in college football betting is to get the highest percentage plays and eliminate anything at all that is questionable or on the margins. You can only fully complete this task if you consider as many sides and totals as possible in college football betting. Add money lines to the mix, and you have yet opened up another potential winning avenue in college football betting. Throw parlays and teasers into the equation and you have even more options.

Where too many guys who make a college football bet is that they do just the mirror opposite of what they should. They play too many games from too few options and too few sources. If you want to make money at college football betting make sure you consider all of the options before making a college football bet.

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