College Football Betting Reality

College football betting is not hitting the megabucks equivalent of profits. When you are involved in NCAA football wagering, none of this is reality.

College football betting reality is a concept that is either foreign or scary. But a college football betting reality check is also one of your first steps towards success. What is NCAA football wagering reality? Perhaps a better question would be what is not NCAA football wagering reality? College football betting reality is not nailing a couple of ten-team parlays and retiring on an island happily ever after. It is not putting together a fifteen game winning streak in which you “let it ride” all the way to riches.

So just what is college football betting reality? The reality of college football betting is that it is a huge challenge and something that a very few select group of gamblers will ever succeed at. The stark, brutal, and ruthless reality of college football betting is that the overwhelming and vast majority of its participants are not going to win. The reality of college football betting is that the oddsmakers are the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in any field of industry known to man. Ultimately, it is the oddsmakers that keep the neon burning in Las Vegas and the sportsbooks springing up on the Internet. The oddsmakers not only know everything, if not more, than gamblers know but also, in addition to that, they know what the gambling public will do based on that and adjust their college football betting lines to exploit their knowledge of the masses to bring in the maximum profits possible.

The reality of life in college football betting is that only the disciplined survive and possibly succeed. You want to retire today? Play Power Ball or Megabucks. You want to win at college football betting? Then prepare for a lifetime challenge unlike any other and realize it’s a grind rather than a sprint when you get involved in NCAA football wagering. Reality is very important in all forms of gambling, including college football gambling.

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