College Football Betting – Penn State vs. USC at Rose Bowl

College football betting games have a pinnacle that is tough to beat: the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl odds competition is one of the biggest games on the planet. No college football odds game has as much fame or history as the Rose Bowl betting and this year’s edition of the biggest game in college football betting is not to be missed. From the Big 10, the Penn State Nittany Lions will do college football odds battle with the UCS Trojans –the winner of which will have Rose Bowl betting bragging rights for 365 days.

College football betting matchups like this are too hardcore for the missus and son junior, so lock the doors and put the women and children to bed for this one. Actually, in a somewhat rare occurrence in the world college football odds, the Rose Bowl odds this year will have little effect on the overall title outcome. The Big 10 and the Pac 10 both finished out of the money this year and the aside from pride and some great college football betting opportunities, the game itself won’t mean much, outside of the college football odds.

But that doesn’t mean that USC isn’t one of the best teams in college football betting. With the flawed BSC system the Trojans have no shot at the college football betting title, even though many college football odds experts think this could be the best team in the country. Pete Carroll’s defense is once again the fastest in all of college football betting, and most probably the best. QB Mark Sanchez, is perhaps the most underrated QB in college football betting and the ground attack of the Trojans is without a doubt one of the best in college football betting. The team has put up almost 5 TDs a game and average over 200 yards on the ground per college football betting match up.

Penn State is no slouch either, and if common college football betting opponents are any guide, the Lions crushed the Oregon State Beavers in their college football betting match up –the only team that beat the mighty Trojans this year. But then again the Trojans crushed Ohio State in their college football betting match up, a team that the Lions barely snuck by.

USC is a 10 point favorite in the early college football betting lines. But the Trojans, playing in their back yard, could easily make this a college football betting blow out.

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