College Football Betting Parlays for 2009

College football betting parlays can be fun and profitable. How would you like to turn $10 into a few hundred dollars in a few hours time?

You can make a college football bet and do just that.  Here are a few things to consider when betting parlays in college football.

College football betting parlays can be hit.  With as many people that make a college football bet it happens more often than you might think. Now, before you go thinking that betting parlays is the way to riches there are some things to remember.  First, the college football betting odds favor the sports betting site.  Parlays have a good hold percentage for the online sports betting site.  That doesn’t mean you can win a college football betting parlay but in the long run the odds are not in your favor.  It has been said many times that sportsbooks love college football betting parlays. That it is not always true though because the potential for bettors to turn a little into a lot is not a pleasing thought to bookmakers. It is a great thought though for gamblers who love college football.

College football betting parlays offer bettors high returns for very little risk. They are something that nearly every gambler has tried at one time or another. As football season approaches it may be worth your time to consider some college football betting parlays. A couple of things that could make your parlays more profitable in college football betting are small tickets and underdogs. If you want to make money with college football betting parlays then you better forget about the 6, 7, or 10 teamer.  Keep things small when you make a college football bet on a parlay and keep it to a 2, 3 or 4 teamer.  Then you have a better chance of getting paid.  And don’t forget to throw some underdogs on those college football betting parlays.  A four team parlay with all favorites is simply tough to hit in college football betting.  Put some underdogs on those college football betting parlays and your chances of winning money when making a college football bet will be higher.

Take a look at betting parlays this season when you are wagering on college football.  You may find that they add some excitement to your day and you might also find that they add money to your bankroll.

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