College Football Betting Overlays

College football betting is sometimes more successful if you take underdogs. Power dogs are one of the best values in college football gambling.

College football betting has overlays just like any other sport. Many times the big name teams in college football gambling are the teams that turn into overlays. It is not at all a mistake to look towards the big time traditional power type teams with your college football betting but you must remember that more often than not they are not good favorites.

This is because the mainstream college football betting public gravitates towards home chalks, big name teams and mismatches. For example, you are simply not going to get any value when Miami-Florida, Michigan, or Florida State is a large home favorite in college football betting. That means that such situations are what the college football gambling masses are looking for, which means that the price will be too high.

But the masses are scared of dogs, especially road dogs. So when you can get a top shelf program at plus points, you are getting that elusive and coveted combination of quality and value versus the college football betting lines. These situations happen every year in college football betting. When top teams meet in conference play one of the two is going to be an underdog in college football betting lines. When an LSU faces Alabama or Ohio State plays Michigan one of the two teams is going to be an underdog. These are just two examples of the many times that quality teams will be getting points in college football gambling. Whenever you are taking the points with a quality team you always seem to have a chance to win your bet against the college football betting line.

Avoiding overlays in college football betting is important since so many big name teams are favored on a regular basis. If you want to take the big name teams do so when they are underdogs and your chances of winning money in college football betting will be greater.

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