College Football Betting – Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh at Brut Sun Bowl

College football betting will feature two very interesting teams this year.

When the Brut Sun Bowl betting gets underway for this game the Pac 10 and Big East will be playing not only against the Brut Sun Bowl odds, but for conference bragging rights. After Oregon State squandered away its Rose Bowl chances in the last week of the season it landed itself a bid to the Brut Sun Bowl betting against an enigmatic Pittsburgh team.

College football betting victory in the Sun Bowl is definitely within the reach of both these teams, but as college football betting fans know, they are also prone to inconsistency. Exactly which teams will be included in the Brut Sun Bowl odds will be very interesting to see.

After leading the Pac 10 for much of the college football odds season, Oregon State looked destined for the Rose Bowl. But a trouncing by its rival, the University of Oregon Ducks, derailed its dreams of victory in college football odds and now the Beavers will be playing in the Sun Bowl. But if the Beavers play at decent level they should run away with this college football betting match up. In fact, this could be a big time blow out and perhaps a great college football betting opportunity for fans.

Pittsburgh has won this season when it’s had to and finished the season ranked 18th in the college football betting odds. It’s even looked impressive at times with wins over ranked opponents, but many of those teams have proven to be overrated by college football betting standards. And Pitt doesn’t look to be nearly as good as its college football odds rankings would indicate either.

The OSU offensive attack is likely the best running game this team has seen all season and RB Jacquizz Rodgers should run wild over the Panthers’ college football odds in this matchup. The Pac 10 offensive college football betting player of the year is as electric a tailback as they come and its likely that the Beavers would be playing in the Rose Bowl had he been healthy for the college football betting showdown with the Ducks.

The bottom line is that Rodgers averages 114 yards a game and the Panthers run defense is hardly airtight. The Beavers passing game is also dangerous and the Beavers look to have too many athletes for the Panthers so-so defense in this college football betting match up. The Beavers are favored by three points in the early college football betting lines, but they should win by much more.

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