College Football Betting – Ohio State vs. Texas at Fiesta Tostitos Bowl

College football betting royalty will definitely be present at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl betting this year as the Ohio State Buckeyes will battle the Texas Longhorns in a huge college football odds match up.

However, this season the Buckeyes have failed to live up to their reputation in the college football betting and that should become apparent once the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl odds action gets underway. Not that the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl betting match up won’t be interesting, but by all accounts the ‘Horns should blow the Buckeyes out of the water in this marquee college football betting match up.

College football betting fans that have seen both teams play know it shouldn’t be a very tough decision which team to support in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl odds. Ohio State is one of the better teams in the college football odds, but Texas is one of the elite teams in college football betting this year and could very well be the best team in the country.

If Ohio State wants to win this college football odds match up it will all rest on one man’s shoulders: true freshman QB Tyrell Pryor. Is Pryor good enough to win this college football betting match up by himself? Absolutely. Or so says the majority of OSU college football odds fans. The fact is Pryor is a more athletic version of Tim Tebow, if such a thing can even exist in college football betting. The defense is extremely stingy and these two factors will be the catalyst if OSU is to pull off the biggest college football betting upset of the bowl season.

But the fact remains the Horns have one of the best quarterbacks in all of college football betting in Colt McCoy and simply have no weaknesses. This is a team that racks up almost 500 yards a game, throws for 300 and runs for almost 200 yards per college football betting match up. Its run defense is arguably the best in all of college football which is bad news for OSU and its supreme RB Beanie Wells.

The early college football betting lines give the Horns a 10 point advantage. That’s likely to shrink the closer it gets to kickoff, but Texas remains the overwhelming favorite in this college football betting match up, as it should be.

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