College Football Betting Offers Weekly Christmas Morning Feel

At the beginning there is something vastly different about college football in comparison to any other game.  Accordingly, the college football regular season is the best and most meaningful of any sport.  Contrarily most any other sport has cheapened its regular season with a focus on the playoffs.  As a result, you will notice an immediate difference with the intensity of College Football betting.

All about Tradition

Following that is the rich tradition of the sport. While big money and television have made College Football betting more competitive, tradition still dominates the landscape.  Consider that the Alabama Crimson Tide, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, and Georgia Bulldogs are among the best teams.  Just as has been the case for decades.  Once in a while a team such as the Oregon Ducks will briefly emerge as a contender.  In turn tradition remains the currency of college football.

Constant Challenge

Most important of all it is that factor of tradition that must keep online betting value as a constant challenge.  In sum it is easy to fall into the trap of paying too much to bet on the blue blood programs.  Specifically, the casual betting public will flock to teams like Alabama as the ultimate name brand champion.  Along the same lines sharp bargain hunters can often find hidden gems on the board.  Indeed, there are plenty of quality teams to choose from each Saturday.

Super Extensive Saturday Action

Initially you will notice each Saturday morning something truly special about College Football Betting.  At the onset you will see a total of 35 to 45 games on the board.  Furthermore, those games are spread out from morning through midnight each week.  If you feel like a kid on Christmas morning you are not alone.  Certainly, many college football gamblers admit to that feeling each Saturday morning in season.  More emphatically it is that feeling that makes college football gambling so special to so many fans.  Specifically, each week brings the promise of meaningful action and unlimited opportunity.

Opportunity and Peril

Owing to that staggered schedule running for 15 hours or more each Saturday comes both opportunity and peril.  First a great morning of profits can be surrendered in the evening.  Conversely a bad morning or day session can be converted into gold with wagering success in the night games.

Money Management and Discipline

Extending that is the mandatory need for money management and discipline on a college football Saturday.  So too does a plan of moderation.  The old poker adage applies in that the less hands you play, the better you will do.  The reverse of that is too many gamblers get themselves in trouble with too much action.  It is easy for players to make too many bets.  Live betting has only served to add to that peril.  Indeed, the most profitable college football gamblers are selective.  Accordingly, patience is a virtue as with so many games opportunity will emerge.

Greatest Game of All

While the Alabama Crimson Tide is a powerhouse dynasty that does not mean that the board revolves around them.  As was previously noted there are so many games on the board that good values can be isolated.  Lesser known or celebrated teams can bring home the bacon time and again.  Best of all there has never been more plentiful handicapping information.  For this reason, college football only improves its appeal.  To millions, it is the greatest game of all!

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