College Football Betting – Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech at Independence Bowl

College football betting is littered with very long names for its college football odds bowl match ups.

That’s why it’s refreshing to find a simply named college football betting bowl match up like the Independence Bowl odds competition. And while the Independence Bowl betting is hardly the marquee game for the college football betting post season, it’s not a game that should be missed.

College football betting, in the post season, so often gets overrun with hype and uninformed money, that the college football odds get thrown all out of whack. But in this year’s Independence Bowl betting, that’s not likely to happen. In fact, the Independence Bowl odds are at a greater risk of not having enough interest from college football betting fans.

Northern Illinois and Louisiana Tech sound more like high schools than top rated college football betting teams and won’t generate much interest from the college football odds crowd at large. And for the very serious college football betting fan, that’s great news. Essentially it means that the college football betting odds will remain honest and should fluctuate very little before kick off.

Northern Illinois has a slight edge in the early college football betting lines, but neither team is much to write home about. But regardless of the relative talent of these two teams featured in the college football odds, head to head they are perfectly suited for one another. And while these aren’t the two flashiest teams in the college football betting, they should put on a very well-matched performance and close game.

Louisiana Tech plays in an arguably more difficult conference in the Mountain West and finished middle of the pack in the college football betting regular season. Yet, it’s very hard to say which is the better team, as their respective college football betting conferences are so different. All things being equal, the smart play here is to bet on Louisiana Tech getting the upset in this college football betting match up. This team has faced tougher competition all year long and should get the nod for home field advantage as this college football betting contest will go down in Shreveport, LA.

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