College Football Betting: New Playoffs Coming in 2014

College Football BettingIn a game-changing announcement made this week, the entire landscape of College Football Betting has been changed for at least the next decade. After years of fan requests for an NCAA football postseason, a four-team playoff has been approved. Starting in the 2014 season, the playoff program will continue at least until 2025.

The sports writers will have to come up with a new catchy title for the event, on par with college basketball’s March Madness tournament. The current title of “Championship Monday” just doesn’t have that special ring to it, but I’m sure a better nickname will arise as quickly as some intrepid reporter comes up with an idea.

For football, though, the semifinals games will be played on New Year’s Eve or the first day of the new year. The championship game will be played on the first Monday in January at least six days after the semifinals games are completed.

The importance of this new playoff run should not be understated. For years, detractors stated that a college football postseason would cheapen, if not eliminate outright, the various bowls, from the Rose Bowl to the Champions Bowl to the Fiesta Bowl. The Bowl Championship Series may be gone come 2014, but various bowls and teams’ performances will still be used to pick the teams that make it into the playoffs – a compromise between the BCS, college football programs, and the fans.

But at least the BCS Championship, with its polls, automatic qualifiers for certain conferences, and computer rankings, will be abandoned, and rightfully so. The new playoff series will work within the existing bowl system, keeping intact the excitement of betting on the bowls, while providing even more sports entertainment for college football fans.

Teams to participate in the playoffs will be picked by a committee in a similar manner that is now used for college basketball. Expect new avenues for college football betting futures throughout the regular Sports Betting season. During the playoffs, a pair of national semifinal rounds will decide which teams advance. The top-ranked team will play number four, while two and three will face off against each other. The winners of the semifinal rounds will advance to championship game.

The most difficult job in the country in 2014 will be held by the committee members who will pick the teams that make it to the playoffs. Keeping track of all 124 college football teams will be a full-time job throughout the season, and controversy is going to be inevitable.

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