College Football Betting Money Management at SBG Global

College football betting can be done much more successfully if you manage your money properly.

Picking winners in college football gambling is obviously important but you must be able to manage your money.

College football betting begins with having a bankroll. A college football gambling bankroll consists of the money that you have available for betting after you have accounted for all of your day-to-day living expenses. Any money that should be going towards your bills and living obligations has nothing to do with college football betting and if it does you are not being responsible, which means that you are already losing.

After you determine the true amount of your college football gambling bankroll you should allocate an amount for each week’s worth of games.
Let’s make this simple and say that you have a $1000 college football betting bankroll to start the season. There are roughly eighteen weeks of the regular season on the college football betting schedule. Take those 18 weeks and $1000 and you have about $50 per week available for college football betting action. Now, no one is going to bet just $50 of that bankroll per week in college football betting so we’ll get real. The better idea is to keep you individual plays each week in college football betting at 5% or less. That means each play would be for $50. That is at least reasonable and something you can do with your college football betting bankroll.

The weekly football schedule typically runs with a college game on Thursday, followed by a full college Saturday of action. You really should keep the total amount of your plays down to 5-6 per week. That would mean $250-$300 of your overall college football betting bankroll for the week’s college football gambling is at stake. Even a horrible week in college football betting would not wipe you out at that level. By going this way you are exercising impeccable discipline and self control and managing your money rather than being managed by the college football betting lines each week of the season.

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