College Football Betting Money Lines at SBG Global

Let’s look at college football betting money lines. The main way that most people bet on college football is with pointspreads but it is not the only option.

College football betting money lines are an interesting option to consider as you bet on college football. College football betting money lines only have you selecting the straight up winner of the game. The pointspread is no longer part of the equation. Some people just don’t like to continually have to worry about backdoor covers, late meaningless touchdowns, and irrelevant 4th quarter scoring so they bet the money line. They prefer to lay the money instead of the points as they bet on college football.

With a money line college football betting wager you lay money or get money instead of points. For example, if Ohio State was home to Michigan and laying 6 points the money line might be Ohio State -220 and Michigan +180. If you liked Ohio State you would wager $220 for every $100 you wanted to win. If you liked Michigan you would wager $100 and win $180 plus your original bet if the Wolverines won the game. There would be no pointspread involved.

The drawback with the college football betting money line is that you have to lay a lot of money on the favorites. That is the tradeoff for not having to lay points. Some college football betting gamblers will choose to play some underdogs because they catch such a nice price, but hitting college football betting money line underdogs on a regular basis is not an easy thing to do.

One key point to remember about college football betting money lines is that it takes some guts if you like the favorite. It is not easy to continually lay 2-1 or 3-1 on a game just to win $100 in college football betting. Laying 3-1 or more on a game makes it a little bit dicey but some gamblers prefer laying money instead of laying points in college football betting.

There are some gamblers that really focus on the money line as a way to make money in college football betting. You have to be careful though, because you have to win a much higher percentage of your bets if you are laying money on the favorites as you bet on college football.

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