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December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting boards typically feature several games in which the NCAA football betting spreads are extremely large.

Such is the case because there is little parity among NCAA squads so it is common for college football betting matchups to feature one elite team and one weak team. When handicapping these college football betting contests it is important to carefully gauge the potency of the favored offense while also considering other NCAA football betting factors, such as how familiar the teams are with one another.

College football betting on matchups featuring huge spreads often focuses primarily on the favored team. When one squad is favored by a huge margin then much of the NCAA football betting public simply cannot imagine the team not dominating its opponent and covering the college football betting odds, regardless of how large they are. However, the obvious reality is that the favored teams do not cover the college football betting lines in all of their most lopsided matchups. In fact, it is quite common to watch teams win college football betting matchups by huge margins while still failing to cover the NCAA football betting odds. In order to successfully handicap such college football betting contests you will first want to determine whether the favored offense truly has what it takes to score lots of points against the opposing defense. Naturally, in order to cover a large college football betting spread the favored offense will have to score a huge quantity of points. As long as the offense has the necessary firepower then you next want to analyze the opposing defense to decide if the unit can keep the favored offense out of the end zone. Finally, you will want to consider the favored team’s defense and the opposing team’s offense to predict how many points will be scored against the favored team in the college football betting matchup. Obviously, if the opposing offense can score points and keep control of the ball for long periods of time then it will be very difficult for the favored offense to put enough points on the board to cover the massive college football betting spread.

As you perform the college football betting analysis described above there are several basic handicapping variables that you should not overlook. For example, you will want to consider how familiar the two teams are with one another. Oftentimes, elite teams struggle more against their weak conference rivals than many college football betting enthusiasts expect. Such is the case because the conference rivals are familiar enough with the favored team to avoid being blown out. Additionally, you will want to consider which team is playing at home and which team is playing on the road. Naturally, teams are much more capable of blowout wins when they play at home.

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