College Football Betting Emotion at SBG Global

College football betting involves wins and losses. It is rarely a problem to handle wins but how do you handle losses in college football gambling?

College football betting emotion applies to both teams and to gamblers. Handicapping college football betting should be done including the emotional factors and your own college football gambling should be done without emotion. Let’s look at both of these things.

It’s how we handle losing that decide whether we win or lose money in the long run. The problem with losing is that it oftentimes leads to more losing in college football betting. The masses simply become emotional and irrational at losing. First, they don’t understand or acknowledge that the college football odds are stacked against them before they ever plunk down a single wager. They really expect to win and believe that they will win every single bet, though they make their bets for the worst possible reasons in college football gambling.

When the typical gambler does lose, his immediate reaction is to chase the losses and go on tilt, especially if he suffered a “bad beat” in which he believed that he was “screwed” or “cheated” in college football betting. If there is one thing in life in which you must check your emotions at the door, it is with gambling. There is simply no room for emotion, and that is true especially after a tough loss or a losing streak in college football betting. Just as in life, it is how one handles the bad times that often define their success in college football betting.

There is another side to this coin in college football gambling. Remember what we said about winning? Yes, it is easier to deal with wins but few people do it right in college football betting. For many gamblers the wins get them big headed and they go on a binge thinking they are untouchable in college football betting. Many people develop a sense of entitlement when they start to win in college football betting, as if they cannot be beaten or fail. This is really emotionalism on the same level as that of the losing player and every bit as deadly to a college football betting bankroll.

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