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December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting fans must continually accommodate the new players that enter the NCAA every year.

While many freshmen do not have major influences on the NCAA football betting lines in their first year, there is no doubt that some freshmen become immediate impact players that college football betting analysts must account for. Consequently, it is very important for college football betting enthusiasts to follow the recruiting success of different schools so that their NCAA football betting, particularly at the beginning of the year, is successful.

College football betting fans often know relatively little about the recruiting that goes on in NCAA football, even though it has such a direct impact on NCAA football betting. Such is the case because NCAA teams do not frequently advertise their recruiting strategies so it is hard to know how much success a team is having. Furthermore, many college football betting fans underestimate the impact that freshmen can have, so they ignore the importance of following different teams’ recruiting success. However, one does not need to monitor a team’s recruiting as it is occurring, so any secrecy that goes on during the actual recruiting process is irrelevant. It is simply important for college football betting enthusiasts to evaluate each team’s recruiting class once rosters are finalized. While collecting such information may have once been somewhat difficult, college football betting fans can now find all of the information they need on the internet. Also, college football betting fans who doubt the impact freshmen can make simply need to look at different teams’ rosters to realize how many freshmen significantly influence the college football betting lines each season.

Once several weeks of the NCAA football betting season have elapsed many of the top freshmen will have already made names for themselves by helping their teams win college football betting matchups. Therefore, even if you do not pay much attention to recruiting classes it will be clear by mid-season which freshmen are most important to consider as you handicap college football betting matchups. However, it is only by being aware of these freshmen at the very beginning of the season that you can really improve your college football betting. In the first few weeks of the college football betting season many gamblers will not be familiar with the new freshmen faces on different teams so they will be unable to handicap the college football betting lines properly. If you have done enough college football betting homework to familiarize yourself with these freshmen then you will likely find that you enjoy a noticeable advantage over your college football betting peers when evaluating the NCAA football betting lines early in the season.  

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