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December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting success is all about having control. When you look at the college football line you must always remember to have a plan of attack and remain in control.

You also just can’t bet your entire bankroll in one weekend and expect to survive all season as you bet on college football.

College football betting money management is very important. Money management can be simple in college football betting but many people make it very difficult. If bettors could just keep disciplined in regards to college football betting then they would have a much better chance to win. Part of discipline is a money management plan to bet on college football. Let’s look at a couple of college football betting examples. If a college football betting gambler has five plays for a Saturday, two early and two late, he could bet most of his bankroll on the first three games and see how he does before making a decision on the late two games. That could be a real problem if he goes 1-2 or 0-3. He then is in desperation mode and panics with the late games in college football betting. A better choice would be to play all five games for the same amount. This way no matter what happens early the gambler is in action for all of his college football betting plays. He has no option to panic if things don’t go well in college football betting.

The big thing to remember about money management in college football betting is that it controls everything you do as you bet on college football. You can pick a lot of winners and screw up money management and get nothing as you bet on college football. You can think of money management as the backbone of your overall strategy. You must be organized and well prepared with your betting in order to win. Money management is critical to that plan.

People can pick more winners than losers on a Saturday and still lose money. It happens all the time. If you want to win money in college football betting you must remain in control and have a plan of attack.

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