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December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting fans must deal with the challenge of frequently handicapping NCAA football betting matchups that involve teams from different conferences and of different ability levels.

Nevertheless, by correctly gauging the strength of each conference college football betting fans will be much more capable of evaluating the NCAA football betting potential of each team. For college football betting analysts to evaluate a conference’s overall ability they simply need to handicap whole conferences in comparison with one another.

College football betting conferences differ tremendously with regards to the abilities of their teams. Additionally, there can be significant yearly differences between the strength of any different conference, as teams lose and gain new players to either improve or worsen. Because teams play many of their college football betting matchups against other teams from within their conference, the abilities of conference rivals can play a major role in determining a team’s overall college football betting record. Similarly, the strength of a team’s conference rivals can significantly impact – and sometimes falsely – NCAA football betting fans’ perceptions of a team. For instance, if a team in the Big Ten, such as Ohio State, is dominating all of its conference rivals then college football betting fans may decide that Ohio State is one of the best squads in the country. If other Big Ten teams, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Purdue, and Penn State, have fielded good teams and are still losing to Ohio State then college football betting analysts’ positive attitudes toward Ohio State are accurate. However, if those teams are all in rebuilding years then Ohio State’s victories are far less meaningful and Ohio State may be favored by college football betting fans more than the team really deserves. Therefore, in order to successfully analyze the NCAA football betting value of each team it is important to first evaluate the abilities of each conference.

Although analyzing the college football betting potential of each conference may sound challenging, it really is not too difficult. NCAA football betting fans simply need to look broadly at each conference and pay particular attention to each team’s success in non-conference college football betting matchups. If one conference’s teams seem to be dominating other conferences then those teams’ victories in its own conference should be given more weight. On the other hand, if one conference’s teams are consistently losing college football betting matchups against non-conference teams then any victories within the conference must be evaluated accordingly. Also, when performing this college football betting analysis it is important that you evaluate the overall abilities of a conference, as you should not be overly influenced by a single team that is either very good or very bad.

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