College Football Betting Choices at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting options involve more than just sides and totals. An interesting college football gambling choice is the money line.

College football betting choices begin with pointspreads. This is where gamblers either lay points with the favorite or take points with the underdog. The other main option in college football gambling is Over/Under, also known as totals. This is where gamblers can wager on whether or not the combined score in a game between two teams will go over or under the college football betting number.

The money line is a way to wager on the straight up winner of a game without having to hassle with a college football gambling pointspread. A gambler simply lays odds with the favorite or takes odds with the dog in college football betting.

Another option in college football betting is the parlay. These are highly popular with gamblers as they can payoff at big odds for just a little bit of stake money in college football betting. A parlay is a group of plays ranging anywhere in number from two to ten that are all bet together as a single play, with all plays having to win for the bet to win in college football betting. Parlays can range from two teams to as many as 10 or more in college football.

In addition to sides, totals, money lines and parlays you can also bet teasers in college football betting. A teaser is similar to a parlay except that a gambler will get extra college football gambling odds that are 6-7 points better, but the payouts are at a reduced rate. You may also find college football betting teasers that offer 10 extra points but those are rare.

Other college football betting options include first half and second half wagering opportunities are where a gambler simply bets on the first or second half of a game. Also an option in college football betting is the futures bet where you wager on a team to win the National Championship or how many games they will win during the season.

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