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December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting is especially exciting because NCAA football betting fans are given the opportunity to watch their alma mater and other favorite schools battle against hated rivals.

Due to the deep connection that many NCAA football betting enthusiasts have with certain schools, many college football betting fans contend that college football fans are more passionate than even NFL fans. However, this passion can sometimes negatively impact college football betting fans as these fans are swayed by their biases and end up making poor wagering choices.

College football betting is unquestionably most exciting when one is wagering on an NCAA football betting matchup involving his alma mater. College football betting fans frequently buy special television packages for the sole purpose of watching their alma mater play, so it is basically inevitable that these college football betting fans choose to wager on their teams. As any college football betting analyst will tell you, there are countless NCAA football betting factors to consider when assessing the college football betting lines, but your own team preferences are not included in that list. It is understandable and acceptable to place a relatively small wager on your alma mater, but it is unwise to wager a significant portion of one’s college football betting bankroll without having done any genuine handicapping. Also, college football betting fans do not only make wagers to support their alma maters, they also frequently place wagers against the rival schools that they dislike. This college football betting strategy is similarly unfounded because it also lacks any genuine handicapping of the college football betting odds.

In order to avoid this college football betting folly, gamblers sometimes simply try to evaluate each team in a completely unbiased manner. Some college football betting fans are able to perform such handicapping successfully, while others find that they simply cannot ignore their loyalty towards certain teams and hatred towards other teams. When this is the case, it is best to simply avoid placing wagers on teams that you know you see with certain biases. For many college football betting fans there are only a few teams that such biases will apply to, so they can ignore such teams and still have a huge college football betting board to bet on every week. Additionally, as was mentioned before, one can simply place smaller wagers on college football betting matchups that involve teams one loves or hates. This way one can enjoy the excitement of college football betting on his favorite teams without risking a large portion of his bankroll to do so.

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