College Football Betting – BYU vs. Arizona at Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting fans have a lot of bowl games and college football odds to sift through at this time of year.

And for most college football betting fans, betting every bowl game is not a real possibility. If you could only bet on one bowl game the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl odds would not likely be the one to take, but nonetheless, it should be one exciting match up between two very good teams.

College football betting experts often lament the fact that college football odds bowl games are not more competitive, but the 2009 Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl betting should not fall into that characterization. In fact, the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl odds should be the first real, competitive bowl game of the season. The Arizona Wildcats and the BYU Cougars will be two teams carrying the torch in this years Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl betting and what a fine match up it is.

In nature, this would be a fine duel between big cats and on the field when the college football betting action begins it should also be a tremendous college football odds match up. Both teams are among the better teams in college football betting and out to prove themselves to the world. BYU started out the season like gangbusters, even breaking into the top ten in the college football odds rankings. They’ve dropped two games since then but still finished the regular college football betting season ranked #18 in the almighty BCS rankings.

The Wildcats haven’t gotten the respect they deserve this college football betting season. It’s played some very good teams to very near wins in the season but, since college football betting is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades, almost doesn’t quite cut it.

Nonetheless, the Wildcats, having gone 7-5, are three and a half point favorites in most of the early college football betting lines, despite the Cougars’ 10-2 season record. This could turn out to be the first upset of the college football betting bowl season. The Mountain West has been severely underrated this season and has three top twenty teams. BYU fans will also travel very well to this conveniently located bowl and the smart college football betting play here is take the Cougars to win.

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