The College Football Betting Bailout Game at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting gives you about 50 games to choose from each Saturday.

Sometimes during the college football betting season you are going to have a losing Saturday when nothing goes right. What do you use for a bailout game in that college football gambling situation? College football betting doesn’t always end with the late 10 pm West Coast games on Saturday. Sometimes Hawaii will be playing at home and that will give you a last game to bailout with for the day in college football betting.

Hawaii home games start very late at night or early in the morning for most sports gamblers and sportsbooks around the world. Gamblers who have had a difficult Saturday versus the college football betting line can bail out before Sunday’s NFL. It is really a unique situation. Hawaii games are usually very exciting and oftentimes high scoring versus the college football betting line. This makes for an exciting bailout game in college football gambling.

Now that June Jones is no longer the head coach at Hawaii perhaps the offense will change a little bit. Hawaii has been the ultimate home/away team where they usually play well on the Island but struggle on the road versus the college football betting line. Usually if bettors are going to bailout with the late game at the sportsbook they are going to play Hawaii versus the college football betting line. We mentioned that Hawaii games are usually high scoring versus the college football betting line.

With a high scoring offense it is sometimes difficult for the defense to get any rest. Previous Hawaii teams threw on almost every down and the defense didn’t get much of a rest. That meant high scoring games and a lot of tense moments if you took Hawaii in college football gambling. If you have had a rough Saturday in college football betting, you don’t have to quit. You can play Hawaii as the ultimate bailout versus the college football betting line.

As a football bettor, it doesn’t get much better than taking Hawaii at home and suffering through the game early Sunday morning in college football gambling.

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