College Football Betting – Alabama and then Everyone Else

There is not much doubt among those involved in college football betting who the best team in the country is.

It is Alabama and there is no debate. The Crimson Tide routed Florida this past week and firmly established themselves as the team to beat yet again this season.  And there is even better news if you bet on college football with the Tide. They cover the spread.

Alabama destroyed Florida on Saturday and easily covered the spread at SBG.  Defending Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram had two touchdowns and that was really all that Alabama needed.  Their defense did the rest.

No Challengers to Tide – Ohio State didn’t look like a challenger on Saturday as they just got past Illinois. Boise State is a nice team but they don’t have the talent or the depth of Alabama. Oregon looked good but their defense is a question mark. And we now know as we bet on college football that Florida is no threat to Alabama.

Florida Streak Ends – The Urban Meyer mystique is now over.  The rout at the hands of Alabama was the worst loss for Meyer since his first year at Florida. Florida’s streak of regular season wins ends at 24.  Their streak of 16 straight SEC wins is over and their 11-game road winning streak is over.

Mismatch – The rivalry between Florida and Alabama is now a mismatch.  Alabama has outscored Florida 63-19 in their past two meetings. Florida has not even scored a TD in the past six quarters against Alabama. Looks like it is time for Urban Meyer to realize he is not the greatest coach ever.  Meyer has pretty much treated the press and everyone who is not in his inner circle like crap.  Perhaps there is some karma involved as Florida is no longer the dominant force in the SEC and Meyer is no longer the top coach in the country.

19 Straight – The Tide have won 19 straight games and there is no doubt right now in college football betting that Alabama is better than Florida and Nick Saban is the top head coach in the nation, not Urban Meyer.  No SEC team has beaten Florida since the 2008 title game and it doesn’t appear they have a challenger this season.

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