College Football Betting 2009 Pointspreads

College football betting pointspreads are not quite as popular as NFL betting pointspread but they are not that far behind.

Most college football betting online is based on a pointspread although totals and money lines are available as well.

College football betting pointspreads are the most common type of wager on NCAA football. With a pointspread bet in college football betting, the weaker team will have points added to their score and the team expected to win will have the same number of points subtracted from their score. These points (or college football betting odds) are known as the pointspread, and are often referred to as the college football betting line. The point spread makes it so a team like Syracuse can compete with a Miami of Florida when it comes to college football betting online. The goal for the college football betting odds maker is to make Syracuse attractive enough with the points to be worth taking. Technically, the college football betting odds maker wants to make both teams equally attractive in terms of betting, but that rarely happens.

Pointspreads move up and down all week long in college football betting. If bettors are taking one particular side in a game, then the sportsbook will move the college football betting line in favor of that team. That makes the opposite side more attractive to bettors, and it also makes the popular side less attractive. For example, if Miami of Florida was laying 35 points to Syracuse and everyone was in love with the Hurricanes, the college football betting online number might move up to -37. If people still wanted to bet on Miami they would now have to lay 37 points instead of 35, making the bet less attractive. The extra points may also entice people to take a look at Syracuse, which is exactly what the sportsbook wants. They want equal action on both sides in college football betting.

College football betting has a lot more games during the regular season than NFL betting and it can be more difficult for sportsbooks to get a line that attracts bettors to both sides of a game. Limits in college football are often lower than what you will find in the NFL for this exact reason. Sportsbooks have varying limits depending upon the sports, but the college football betting online limits are almost always lower than the NFL.

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