College Football Betting Rivalries

College football betting rivalries are some of the most exciting sporting events to watch and wager on.

One of the most exciting weekends in all of college football betting is “Rivalry Weekend” in college football. As you bet on college football there will be rivalry games throughout the season for you to consider, especially during the last couple of weeks of the regular season.

College football betting rivalries are the most common during the last couple of weeks of the season. You see games like Ohio State/Michigan, USC/UCLA, Texas/Texas A&M, Auburn/Alabama, etc. No matter what game you look at, there are significant emotions and factors to consider from a college football betting perspective.  Sometimes with rivalry games you can throw out all the stats and focus more on emotional factors as you bet on college football. The first place to look with rivalry games is with the underdog, as the intensity that may have been missing from other games will most likely be there for college football betting rivalry games.  When you bet on college football it is not a bad idea to look at the underdog anyway since favorites are oftentimes overvalued in college football betting.

When it gets to the last couple of weeks of the season you may have rivalry games in college football betting where a coach’s job is on the line.  You might also have a college football betting game where one team just can’t beat the other one.  This especially applies to huge rivalry games in college football betting like Ohio State-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, etc.  A win in these games can oftentimes be the most important one of the season.  As you do your college football betting handicapping you will want to focus more on the history of the matchup than what has happened during the regular season.  Rivalry history is an important handicapping factor to consider. 

College football betting is amongst the most exciting of all forms of gambling and rivalries add to the interest and intensity.  That makes for great drama for those gamblers that bet on college football.

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