College Football Betting Rationale at SBG Global

College football betting rationale is used to justify just about anything on a college football Saturday.

Gamblers will justify extra wagers as they bet on college football that they normally wouldn’t make or didn’t plan on making just because they can rationalize the reasons for making those wagers.

College football betting is so exciting because of all the games on a single day. When a college football gambler is on a roll and hitting everything in sight he will often up his wagers and oftentimes start playing games he had no intention of playing. For example, during a busy college football Saturday when the early things are going well he will bet on college football games that were not on his list. Now instead of having a great day he will start losing some of those marginal plays and turn a great day into a so-so day in college football betting. This really hurts the bottom line because a great college football betting day was turned into just an average day.

The opposite end of this situation for the college football betting gamblers is even more dangerous. When things are not going well early on a college football Saturday the gambler will bet on college football with even higher amounts. This is more dangerous than the previous situation because when things are going bad they tend to stay bad. It is kind of a karma thing. When you start chasing losses you are very likely to lose a ton of money in college football betting. The big part of the problem for us when chasing losses is that we rationalize that things have to turn around for us in college football betting. Where do we get that rationale from though? Have things turned around for us in the past when things started going bad when we bet on college football? We always think that things can’t get any worse for us when we start losing games and that they have to turn around in college football betting. It is this rationale that has caused many college football betting gamblers to go broke.

If you want to do yourself a huge favor this college football betting season don’t go looking for rationales to do stupid things. It might be betting more than you should or it might be playing games you shouldn’t. You really must stay on target and avoid thinking things can’t get any worse when they start going bad. Rationale is a dangerous word for the college football betting gambler. It gets you into more trouble than you can imagine so be careful using it this football season.

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