College Football Betting or Pro Football Betting at SBG Global

College football betting is not like pro football betting and if you think the two are the same you are mistaken.

Gamblers that get involved with college football betting should realize that just because you can win betting at one sport does not mean you can win at the other. The big problem for many people is they think they can win at both and they handicap and treat both NCAA football wagering and pro football betting the same; and that is a mistake.

College football betting has well over 100 teams on the betting board while pro football has only 32. In addition to all the teams on the board you also have to realize that college football betting also has different limits. There are conferences that are considered under the added board at some sportsbooks and that means the games usually have lower NCAA football wagering limits. You will probably see teams from the Sun Belt Conference as well as Independents that fit in that category in NCAA football wagering.

If you are looking at college football betting then you probably already know that factors like revenge, home field advantage, rivalries, and overall emotion are much more important than they are in the NFL. If you are betting the NFL you already know that the games are unpredictable and that really anyone can win each Sunday. In college football betting that is not the case because you have teams playing at different levels of talent. That is why the pointspread was invented in college football betting, to level the playing field. It sometimes becomes a matter of finding the team that will cover the NCAA football wagering pointspread, not which team is going to win the game. In the NFL if you can find the winner of the game you usually will cover the spread as well. That is not the case in college football betting.

College football betting also offers far greater contrasts than pro football. Some college football teams run the ball on almost every play while some teams throw the ball nearly every down. Most of the time NFL teams run the same basic offenses. This makes college football betting and pro football betting different and that should never be forgotten. If you are able to be successful in college football betting and continually struggle at the NFL it may just be time to treat the NFL as a recreational betting sport. The reverse also applies if you do well at the NFL but struggle in college football betting.

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