College Football Betting Percentages at SBG Global

College football betting percentages are interesting to look at.

Do you think you can win at college football betting? What percentage do you think you can actually hit in college football wagering? Have you ever thought about it?

College football betting can be successful if you realize there are no get rich quick schemes. If you look at the percentages you already know that to break even you must hit just over 52%. To make money you really need to be in the 56 to 57% range in college football wagering. Can you hit that type of percentage in the long run in college football wagering? It is a question only you can answer and you must have tracked yourself for a long enough period to tell.

You will hear college football betting players claim they can hit 60 or 70 percent winners, but those numbers are not long term and they are not realistic. Your long term goal should be to hit 56 or 57 percent of your wagers in college football betting. At that percentage you can make money over the long haul in college football betting. It is not a get rich quick idea though. It is a grind it out process. If you are looking at college football betting as a quick way to make money then you may as well play some high risk parlays and hope to get lucky.

If you want to win at college football betting over the long haul then you must get it into your head that winning percentages are what you need. If you are just hitting about half of your bets then you must look at doing something differently. Look at it from an investor’s point of view in college football betting. If you are having trouble picking winners on a regular basis then your strategy must change. If, however, you can pick winners over the long haul, remember to plan out your college football wagering strategy properly and stick to it. Don’t deviate from the plan and grind out your profits. For example, let’s say you have a 12-8 weekend on your picks for a 60% winning percentage in college football betting. If you had a bankroll of about $2,000 you would have made a very nice return on the weekend even if you were playing for $50 a game in college football betting. You would have picked up $160 for the weekend which is a return on investment of 12.5%. That is a really nice return. Stock market players would be thrilled with that kind of return.

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