College Football Betting Parlay Strategies at SBG Global

College football betting parlays appeal to both gamblers and sportsbooks alike.

Parlays offer nice payoffs and good college football betting odds for winners and that can appeal to gamblers, but they also have a high hold percentage and that can appeal to the sportsbooks. Let’s look at some NCAA football wagering strategies for parlays.

College football betting parlay strategies begin with taking one team in multiple parlays. This means that you take your top play of the day and put it into multiple NCAA football wagering parlays. For example, let’s say you like Miami of Florida as your top play today against Virginia in college football betting. You put Miami in three or four parlays and if the Hurricanes win you could be well on your way to hitting some of these college football betting parlays. Keying a team in a parlay is definitely an interesting strategy to consider when betting parlays.

Another strategy for NCAA football wagering gamblers is to take a look at parlaying a group of totals together that all have bad or questionable weather. If there are a group of three games that have potential bad weather you might put all three games together into the college football betting parlay.

Another strategy that gamblers use is to put together either a group of three solid favorites or three power underdogs in college football betting parlays. There may be three solid underdogs for the day that you parlay together. You may choose to put three heavy favorites together in college football betting. One of the big tips about betting parlays is that multiple team parlays are tough to hit if they are over 3 or 4 team parlays in college football betting. It is possible to hit a three teamer but it gets progressively difficult to hit the bigger parlays and they should be avoided in NCAA football wagering.

Parlays are exciting in every sport, particularly college football betting. If you are to succeed with college football betting parlays then you need a few strategies to overcome the house edge in college football.

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