College Football Betting Parlay Excitement at SBG Global

College football betting parlays are exciting because the potential for a big payoff is possible.

Let’s look at parlays from a betting perspective and see if we can find ways to make them profitable as we bet on college football.

College football betting parlay strategy begins with the popular keying strategy. For example, you take your top bet of the college football day and put that play into multiple parlays. Let’s say you have three parlays and key your top team in all three college football betting parlays. We’ll say they are three team parlays. We now have our top team in three different parlays in college football betting and if our top team wins we have an excellent chance of hitting at least one of those parlays.

You have to remember that college football betting parlays are not easy to hit. The more teams you put on your parlay the more difficult it becomes. You should probably keep your college football betting parlays to 3 or 4 teams. Anything more than four teams can be like looking to hit the lottery as you bet on college football. It is difficult enough to hit a small parlay, but hitting one with more than four teams on it is doubly difficult in college football betting. There is no question that a 5 or 6 or even a 10 team parlay in college football betting looks attractive because of the big payouts, but these parlays are very difficult to hit in college football betting.

College football betting parlay strategies can help you overcome the house edge, but they will not guarantee you a profit. You must remember that the sportsbook has the edge when you bet on college football parlays. You can only look to reduce that edge with some strategies that might lower it a bit. If you are going to bet on college football parlays don’t go overboard and don’t go off the deep end. Keep them small and light and treat them more as fun than as a serious investment in college football betting.

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