College Football Betting Overtime System at SBG Global

College football betting systems are a dime a dozen. Some work and some don’t.

If you want a simple NCAA football betting system then consider looking at teams that just played an overtime game.

College football betting is full of emotion and that emotion can carry over to the next week. If you think overtime is tough for the gambler that had money on the game just think of how tough it is for the players that play in the game. It is especially tough on the losing team. Teams put a lot of effort into overtimes and when they come up on the losing end it takes a lot out of them. College football teams that lose in overtime have had all kinds of problems the following week.  This is where we get into the college football betting overtime system. Since overtime was instituted in 1996, teams who lost their last game in overtime are below .500 against the NCAA football betting spread the next week. Just blindly going against the overtime loser is not enough though in college football betting. The blind numbers are just above .500 in college football betting. There are two really good spots to focus on when we talk about the overtime loser in NCAA football betting. Bad teams don’t recover well from overtime losses at all. If the team was terrible the previous year and suffers an overtime loss in the current year you can pretty much bank they are not going to cover the next game in NCAA football betting.

Another situation that makes money on the overtime loser in college football betting is when they are at home the next game. You would think coming home would get the overtime losing team back on track but perhaps staying on the road is easier to deal with. Coming home the team has to face the fans, the alumni, etc, and that can be tough. Teams at home the following week after an overtime loss do not do well in college football betting. They are 43% against the college football betting spread, so we know going against them is profitable in college football betting. It gets even better when they are at home against a winning team in college football betting. Then the percentage jumps up to way over 60% winners going against the overtime loser in college football betting.

Recovering from an overtime loss is tough. You can’t blindly go against the overtime loser, but you can pick out very profitable spots as we have shown.

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