College Football Betting Angles at SBG Global

In the September portion of the college football gambling schedule you will find a lot of mismatches between the power teams and the lower level mid-major schools.

In October the conference part of the college football betting schedule gets good and in December and January the bowls get going. This will most definitely feature large pointspreads of over 20, 30, and sometimes even 40-points.

College football betting early in the season has a lot of mismatches but you will get some excellent inter-conference games, such as Notre Dame-Michigan or Texas-Ohio State. Keep in mind that the public will almost always gravitate towards the home favorite in college football betting, as that fits their comfort zone. If you want to consider a college football betting angle then take the road team in these power football games.

Emotion is a huge intangible when analyzing the college football betting schedule as oftentimes a team will have a game “circled” on the calendar for a hated rival. You have the rivalry games throughout the season and there will be times when games are more emotional than others in college football gambling. This is another college football betting angle to consider. Emotion can play a major factor in college football gambling. Some teams emphasize certain games far more than others so keep that in mind as you look at the college football betting schedule.

If you are one of the many college football betting gamblers that likes to play television games you should know that favorites get a lot of play from the public. It is similar to that earlier angle we looked at with marquee games. TV games get a ton of play from the public and they almost always bet the favorite in college football betting lines.

College football betting angles can be more numerous than you can keep track of. Taking the dog in the power games, taking the dog in TV games and looking at the emotion factor are just three of the numerous angles to consider in college football gambling.

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