Capital One Bowl Odds at SBG Global

Capital One bowl odds are just weeks away from being released to the college football odds community.

In this day and age the college football odds scene seems to be flooded with meaningless and even boring bowl match ups, but believe you me, the Capital One bowl  betting lines are no joke my friend.  There are, in fact, few bowls, if any that can hold a candle to the crazy action of the Capital One bowl odds and come January 1, 2009 the entire sporting universe will be in for a real treat.

Capital One bowl odds will released shortly once the regular season plays itself out.  The Big Ten and the SEC have both already committed teams to this year’s Capital One bowl betting show down.  And that means there are a few things that must be settled before the teams in the Capital One bowl odds can be settled.  The number two teams from each respective conference have already committed to the Capital One bowl odds, and now fans just have to wait and see which teams that will be.  In the Big Ten the Ohio State Buckeyes look to have their bid to the Capital One bowl betting line up all locked up.

The SEC, however, isn’t’ quite so clear and it’s still up in the air which team it will send to the Capital One bowl odds showdown.  With the Alabama Tide and the Florida Gators already booked for the SEC championship game, one of these teams are assured a spot in the Capital One bowl  odds battle.  All things considered, fans be more or less assume that Alabama and Ohio State will do battle on January 1st, 2009 in this year’s upcoming Capital One bowl odds show down.

Alabama would seem to have the big advantage in this battle but Capital One bowl odds have a history of offering surprises and nothing is certain until the final whistle blows.  But if history is any guide the smart money in the Capital One bowl odds would seem to be on Alabama.  During the past few years the top teams in the SEC and the Big Ten have squared off in very important bowl games, two of them with the national title on the line.  And in almost every case the SEC beat the tar out of the Big Ten, proving much too athletic and much to fast for their mid-western opponents. 

But again, the exception to this was Michigan’s surprising 41-35 win over Florida in last year’s Capital One bowl odds match up.  So you never know what can happen in the Capital One bowl odds.  Open a New Account and bet on the Capital One Bowl at SBG Global!

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