Brut Sun Bowl Odds at SBG Global

Brut Sun Bowl odds fans, rise up for the day is nearly upon us when the college football world will dial in on El Paso, TX and the tremendous match up that the Brut Sun Bowl betting will offer this year.

On December 31, 2008 the last day of the year, two of the top teams in the college football odds will go head to head in Sun Devil Stadium and try and beat each other’s brains in during the battle of the Brut Sun Bowl betting. It will be exciting, entreating, fun, and most of all the Brut Sun Bowl odds should provide an outstanding betting opportunity.

Brut Sun Bowl odds are some of the oldest in the game of college football odds. While the Brut Sun Bowl betting is almost as well known as, say, the Rose Bowl or the Orange Bowl, it’s right there at the top of the Pantheon of great college bowl games. Its origins date back to the 1935 season and the Brut Sun Bowl odds action has only gotten better since then. If history is any indication, Brut Sun Bowl betting fans should expect even more great betting fun than usual.

Few bowl games enjoy the heritage and history of the Brut Sun Bowl odds. But there’s no reason to dwell on the past when this year’s Brut Sun Bowl odds match up could prove to be one of the best ever. The teams in this year’s Brut Sun Bowl odds are not yet known, but judging by the present standings we can start to form a pretty goof picture of the Brut Sun Bowl odds might shake out.

The Pac 10 has committed its number three team which will probably be either the Oregon Ducks or the Oregon State Beavers, two ferocious mascots to be sure, but also two very good football teams. The opponent for the Pac 10 in the Brut Sun Bowl odds will likely be a big underdog. The Big East’s Notre Dame has claim to the other Brut Sun Bowl odds berth.

But to be sure Notre Dame is awful. Even though the team is bowl-eligible, it would be a crazy thing to put the Fighting Irish in the Brut Sun Bowl odds against two very decent teams like the Oregon squads. As many Brut Sun Bowl odds fans may know, the Beavers have played the Irish twice in bowl games over the past few years and neither result was pretty. Oregon State beat the Irish like rented mules on both occasions and Brut Sun Bowl odds organizers must hate to set up a another potential beat down.

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