Bowden Wants a College Football Betting National Title

College football betting on Florida State could be popular this season as the Seminoles try to get into the national title picture.

College football betting tells us that head coach Bobby Bowden has said that he wants another national title before he retires. College football betting online info tells us that Bowden will be retiring in two years with Jimbo Fisher taking over, so it is this year or next year for Bowden to win it all.

College football betting at the sports book has Florida State as a darkhorse candidate this season to win it all. The Seminoles are listed at 20-1 in college football betting online to win the 2009 national championship. The problem for the Seminoles is that they might have to go unbeaten to have a chance since Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and USC are the favorites in college football betting.

Florida State should be improved this season but whether or not that is enough to get into the title picture is another story in college football betting. Even Bowden said it might be next year but he does want to win another title. "Definitely I want to win a national championship again," said Bowden, "I wish I could leave here on top." Florida State is getting a lot of respect in college football betting online. They are the even money favorite in college football betting to win the Atlantic Division of the ACC this season.

Florida State should be a factor in college football betting at the sportsbook his season. College football betting tells us that offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher said that the team is going the right way. "We’re a very young football team, but a team that’s played a lot of football," said Fisher.

The Seminoles do face some questions in college football betting in 2009. Sports betting info tells us that they have to replace two receivers, a running back and their kicker. Junior quarterback Christian Ponder is back though and he should impact college football betting. College football betting online tells us that whether it is this year or next, Bowden believes his team has a shot. "The good thing is they’re back another year," he said. "We’ve got a chance to improve, improve both years."

Florida State plays in the ACC which means they have a weaker schedule than many teams and that puts them in the mix for the national title if they go undefeated in college football betting.