Big Names Dominate College Football Betting at SBG Global

There are no hidden gems in the NFL. But college football betting has many more teams that are regularly on the college football gambling boards.

College football betting is oftentimes dominated by the big name teams. College football teams like Ohio State, Texas, USC, LSU and others attract the majority of the attention in college football gambling lines. This is not a bad thing though in college football betting, depending upon how you look at it.

College football betting lines are like shopping between expensive “name” brands and the cheaper “off” brands, and oftentimes the off brands bring in the far better value. Pro football has 32 teams that all play in major media markets and who are all on television each and every week. The public is quite familiar with the NFL and all of the news, views, and angles that are put out during the week. Most of these teams do not play in major media markets. Beyond all of that, it is impossible to get all of the news out on every college football team on the college football betting board.

Look at the average college football betting gambler. He works, he has a family, or he is single and running around with his friends after work. Regardless, he doesn’t have time to do research on all of the college football betting lines. So what does he do? He watches “SportsCenter”, reads his local paper, surfs the net, and listens to sports talk radio. And what do these media sources cover, when it comes to college football gambling? They cover traditional power “name brand” teams and marquee college football betting matchups of that week. Chances are, the average college football betting gambler isn’t even thinking or hearing about Boise State, Fresno State, Alabama Birmingham, TCU, and teams of that nature but is getting bombarded with news on Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, Miami-Florida, and those types of programs.

The college football betting oddsmakers are fully aware of this, and that is why the big name teams are often the worst values, as they attract the most college football gambling action each weekend while the “off brand” teams are often better values, as the masses ignore them on the college football betting board. To be thorough in college football betting you must get familiar with what is not familiar to everyone else.