Betting Totals in College Football Odds at SBG Global

You most not overlook totals in college football odds. They can provide even more value than sides versus the college football lines.

College football odds used to have totals posted on just the main TV games but that has changed in recent years as more and more games have totals on them. What should you look at when betting totals versus the college football lines? College football odds are still a bit new to many gamblers.

NFL totals have existed virtually since NFL betting began but that is not the case with college totals. You have to remember that college football odds totals have gained popularity with the increased college football TV coverage. That doesn’t mean that college football odds makers have a handle on totals though. They still get less attention than sides because the public still doesn’t bet totals a great deal in terms of college football lines.

Some professional gamblers believe that a big advantage can be gained by betting totals in college football odds. This is especially true with games that are off the radar a bit. Non-televised games attract less attention overall in college football odds and that is especially true with totals. Even in high profile games or with games with “name brand” traditional power type teams, over/unders are a way in which gamblers can often get fair and balanced college football odds compared to the overlays that are often required of gamblers who bet on such teams as home chalks. It is a good way for gamblers to be involved in high profile games without being stuck with taking a bad team versus college football lines or an overlay on the good one. Don’t automatically ignore the totals in college football odds on those marquee games.

With the Internet and readily available information on college football that simply wasn’t accessible a generation ago, many gamblers feel as if they can make a more intelligent decision on over/unders in college football odds than what would have been the case long ago. Increased confidence by gamblers to make an intelligent over/under wager versus college football odds means increased action for the sportsbooks, which is what they are looking for.