Beating the College Football Odds at SBG Global

Too many college football odds gamblers are wagering on too many games, which is the second most common mistake made wagering against NCAA odds.

College football odds have nearly four times as many games to deal with as NFL odds. While that often means more opportunity for betting value it also means that there is the potential for four times as much trouble, if you are not careful betting NCAA odds. College football odds can be overwhelming if you are not careful.

The first key mistake made by the public is that they try and do too much. They will spend long days all week micro-analyzing fifty games on the college football odds boards as they will pour over statistics, trends, and Internet/media reports all serving to accomplish confusion and inability to make good betting decisions. It is a trap that, while easy to understand, must be avoided at all costs when you bet college football odds. We can tell you that nobody has made a living betting NCAA odds by getting circles around their eyes.

Along those same lines, another reason why you should not waste a lot of time in the traditional sense of “handicapping” and analysis is that you will be using information that is common knowledge versus college football odds. No matter if you can recite ever key statistic or trend, the college football odds makers are already fully aware of everything that you are uncovering in your research, which means that it is useless information when you are trying to find betting value and actually may be counter-productive.

It is bad enough to play the board in pro football betting. It is suicidal to play the college football odds board in college football betting. There are simply too many games. Out of the fifty or so games on the college football odds board each weekend there are anywhere from one to three that stand out as top selections and excellent board values against the NCAA odds.

The best and most successful gamblers that bet college football odds are highly selective and limit themselves to just those select one to three games on the college football odds board.